Services We Offer

Every brain injury is so different making each path to recover different as well. The most important question is whether you are doing everything you can to maximize on your recovery. We have developed a number of programs to meet the varied needs of individuals with a brain injury.

Our Services put the Individual in the middleChart of Services

During an intake meeting, these programs are explained to an applicant and family.

Decisions for attendance at programs are made based on the individual's desires and goals, the family's wishes, availability and the recommendations from professionals

Guide to our Programs and Services


Access to our services are based on a diagnosis of an acquired brain injury. Check to see if you're eligible, complete an application form and then we'll schedule a meeting to continue the intake process.

Anyone can refer themselves, or family/friend for our services.

Diagnosis from our Clinical Psychologist

Our Clinical Psychologist does not complete a primary diagnosis of an acquired brain injury.

You must have a diagnosis from a medical doctor in order to be eligible for services. The Intake Coordinator can work with you to review medical information received from your doctor. These records will assist in the determination of your eligibility for service.

Family Support is Encouraged

Family involvement in the rehabilitation process is strongly encouraged - both in determining goals and in helping the individual reach them.

Families can assist in the recovery process by:

One of the most difficult things for families as their loved one seeks more independence is to stand back and encourage them to do things even if their family member is struggling or at risk of failing.

It is hard not to take over and do things for the person. Remember this is difficult to work through however you are encouraged to talk about it to figure out what can help.

We also provide Psychological Services and Social Work Support to assist families, individuals and caregivers with working through difficult situations.