Your Rights

The Long Term Care Act contains the "Bill of Rights", outlining a set of rules about how people who receive support services should be treated - both by the people providing the services and also by the people managing the services.

Nine Rights you Have

If you receive services under Ontario's Long-Term Care Act, the following rights legally belong to you:

  1. Courtesy, Respect and Freedom from Abuse
  2. Privacy and Freedom to Make Your Own Decisions
  3. Being an Individual
  4. Information and Answers
  5. Participation
  6. Control and Consent
  7. Freedom to Speak Out
  8. Knowing the Rules
  9. Confidentiality

Download our Booklet

Download the Know your Rights BookletKnow Your Rights

- Nine rights you have under Ontario's Long-term Care Act
- Glossary of terms

Use this booklet to:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Be sure that your rights are respected
  • Know what to do if you think that your rights are not being respected