Cemetery Gardening Angels

BICR ventured into new territory in 2014 by purchasing Cemetery Gardening Angels from Susie Hastings, the owner and founder of this wonderful business. For those of you who are not familiar with Cemetery Gardning Angels, it is a business that dedicates itself to seasonal planting and caring for gardens that surround cemetery plots. It also provides wreaths, planters and toppers at Christmas time.

BICR is indebted to Susie for including our agency in her business and its growth over the past 9 years. Each spring Susie partnered with our vocational department and a number of our participants to provide them with competitive employment opportunities that have created lasting and meaningful bonds. For a good number of our participants they are not in a position where they can maintain full time employment; however, the need to contribute and to augment their income is present. Cemetery Gardening Angels has been such a great source of part time employment that contributes to an overall sense of being involved in a very meaningful activity.

As we enter into another season as owners of Cemetery Gardening Angels our Vocational Coordinator Amber McNamara has been busy preparing for the planting to begin in May. We look forward to welcoming our participants back for another successful season of employment and creativity whilst they get their hands dirty as they design, and maintain beautiful plant and flower gardens.

Pictures are sent out to each customer so that those who do not live in the area or who are unable to get to the cemetery on a regular basis can see the care and thought that goes into maintaining their loved ones plots. We have clients from as far away as London England, so this personal touch is such an important service that Cemetery Gardening Angels provides.

If you are interested in seeing the work that this wonderful team of staff and participants creates working side by side, please go to our website www.gardeningangels.ca or contact Jim Miller at 905-687-6788 ext. 262 or by email at cga@bicr.org for further details.

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